Top Electrical Upgrades for Your Tallahassee-Area Home

If your Tallahassee-area home has knob-and-tube wiring, you might want to think about rewiring it. If you don’t know what knob-and-tube wiring is, no surprise as that form of home wiring technology started becoming obsolete about 100 years ago. While knob-and-tube wiring may still be present in some older Tallahassee homes, most older home buyers have upgraded such wiring over the decades because it provides limited amperage and is considered a safety hazard by electrical codes.

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The Importance of Pool and Spa Electrical Wiring

Much like cats and dogs or alcohol consumption and driving, electricity does not mix well with water. When the twain meet, bad things can happen…especially if you happen to be positioned between the two. Water is an excellent electricity conductor. If you touch water receiving an electric current, that electricity will seek a path through you to find the ground.

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Choosing the Right Type of Landscape Lighting

Outdoor residential lighting has come a long way since your grandparents’ youth. Fifty years ago, most Tallahassee-area homes illuminated their outdoor spaces with front and back door lights. Some used porch lights, and perhaps a floodlight or spotlight for the driveway. Back then, lighting was primarily used for security purposes. To help people safely navigate their way around the exterior of their house at night. Presently, there is a much wider variety of outdoor and landscape lighting to choose from. People have discovered that outdoor lighting adds a nighttime design element to their yards and homes.

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What You Need to Know About the Light Bulbs Used to Brighten Up Your Home

Tallahassee-area Homeowners have been lighting their homes with incandescent light bulbs for more than 120 years, but that form of lighting will soon dim. In April, the Biden Administration issued new rules that will force manufacturers to phase out incandescent bulbs before an outright ban on their sale in July 2023. Because the rules are based on energy efficiency, it also effectively ends the production and sale of most halogen lighting (a type of incandescent lighting).

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Can Ceiling Fans Save You Money on Energy Bills?

Given our subtropical climate, Tallahassee-area residents love their air conditioning, especially during the heat and humidity of the summer. Although hard to believe, 60 years ago most area homes did not have air conditioning. Whether window units or central AC. Before 1960, most people cooled their homes with open windows, hoped-for wind, and various electric-powered fans.

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