What You Need to Know About the Light Bulbs Used to Brighten Up Your Home

Tallahassee-area Homeowners have been lighting their homes with incandescent light bulbs for more than 120 years, but that form of lighting will soon dim. In April, the Biden Administration issued new rules that will force manufacturers to phase out incandescent bulbs before an outright ban on their sale in July 2023. Because the rules are based on energy efficiency, it also effectively ends the production and sale of most halogen lighting (a type of incandescent lighting).

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Tallahassee Electricians Detail Whether Fans Save Money on Energy Bills

Can Ceiling Fans Save You Money on Energy Bills?

Given our subtropical climate, Tallahassee-area residents love their air conditioning, especially during the heat and humidity of the summer. Although hard to believe, 60 years ago most area homes did not have air conditioning. Whether window units or central AC. Before 1960, most people cooled their homes with open windows, hoped-for wind, and various electric-powered fans.

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Steps You Should Take in Case of a Power Outage

Steps You Should Take In Case of a Power Outage

The Tallahassee area’s electrical grid is quite reliable, but power outages can and do occur on occasion. Generally speaking, our power outages tend to be short in duration and localized to smaller areas. However, powerful storms and hurricanes—like 2018’s Hurricane Michael—can cause widespread outages that can last for days and even more than a week. Whatever the cause and duration of an outage, you can take steps to help minimize their impact on your home and family.

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