Security Camera

The Importance of Security Camera Installation

With advancing technologies, security cameras have emerged over the past decade as a first-line security tool on par with alarms for homes and businesses. Sophisticated security camera systems are becoming more affordable, and research has determined that security cameras provide excellent deterrence value against criminal activity. Along with affordability, reasons homeowners and businesses are turning to security cameras instead of or as a supplement to alarm systems include the following:

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Home Generator

It’s Peak Hurricane Season in Tallahassee—Install Your Generator Today!

It may have seemed like an exceptionally calm hurricane season for Florida this year, but tropical storm activity started ramping up in the second half of September. Since September and October are considered part of the state’s peak hurricane season, residents should pay close attention to the weather and have a hurricane preparation plan in place. Note that 40% of all hurricanes that make a U.S. landfall impact Florida and that the Tallahassee area has weathered almost 60 tropical storms since 1930.

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Electrical Upgrades

Top Electrical Upgrades for Your Tallahassee-Area Home

If your Tallahassee-area home has knob-and-tube wiring, you might want to think about rewiring it. If you don’t know what knob-and-tube wiring is, no surprise as that form of home wiring technology started becoming obsolete about 100 years ago. While knob-and-tube wiring may still be present in some older Tallahassee homes, most older home buyers have upgraded such wiring over the decades because it provides limited amperage and is considered a safety hazard by electrical codes.

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pool or spa’s wiring

The Importance of Pool and Spa Electrical Wiring

Much like cats and dogs or alcohol consumption and driving, electricity does not mix well with water. When the twain meet, bad things can happen…especially if you happen to be positioned between the two. Water is an excellent electricity conductor. If you touch water receiving an electric current, that electricity will seek a path through you to find the ground.

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