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The Importance of Pool and Spa Electrical Wiring


Much like cats and dogs or alcohol consumption and driving, electricity does not mix well with water. When the twain meet, bad things can happen…especially if you happen to be positioned between the two. Water is an excellent electricity conductor. If you touch water receiving an electric current, that electricity will seek a path through you to find the ground.

If your Tallahassee area home sports a swimming pool or spa, you should keep these thoughts in mind. Not only should you be conscious of nearby electrical conduits, but also any electrical components—pumps, lighting, automated cleaning—used by your pool or spa. With decades of providing electrical services to Tallahassee area homeowners, the electrical experts at Meeks Electrical Services know all about the dangers of mixing electricity with water. With their pool and spa electrical wiring services, they also know how to combine the two safely as needed. To ensure that your swimming pool or spa does not pose electrical safety risks, consider the following tips:

Begin with Safe Pool and Spa Electrical Installation

Even if you are a skilled do-it-your-selfer, you should turn to a professional electrician when it comes to installing swimming pool and spa pumps, lighting, automated cleaning systems, and their related wiring. A professional electrician will ensure that your water-related electronics are safely installed and wired according to provisions in Article 680 of the National Electrical Code. The 200-plus Article 680 provisions specifically ensure that people and the water they come into contact with will always be separate from the electrical current. Your professional electrician will also know whether your pool or spa-related electronics must comply with local ordinances or homeowner’s association rules.

Maintain Electrical Safety with Frequent Inspections

If a previous homeowner installed your swimming pool or spa, we trust that you had it inspected by a professional electrician before you purchased the property. If not, we recommend having a professional check it as soon as possible and making such inspections a routine part of your pool or spa’s maintenance plan. Because outdoor electrical equipment and wiring are more exposed to the elements, it tends to degrade quicker than indoor electronics. And while you might be able to spot some potential problems like corroded wiring or flickering underwater lights, a professional electrician can correctly assess all electrical components that could be of concern.

Other Electrical Safety Tips for Swimming Pools and Spas

If you understand the electric components near or serving your swimming pool or spa, you’ll be better able to ensure that they remain safe environments for your family and guests. As such, you should know what circuits on your electrical panel deliver electricity to pool equipment or nearby outdoor outlets and other electrical fixtures so that you can turn them off should a problem arise. If possible, determine where any underground wiring may be, and, if planning to dig around the pool or spa, make sure you turn off the relevant breakers.

Whether near a pool or not, deliver outdoor electricity by ground fault circuit interrupter outlets, which have a hinged cover to keep out moisture and a sensor that cuts electrical flow when it detects water or other liquids. When you bring electronics or lighting outside for use around your pool or spa, make sure that you keep them at least 20 feet from the water’s edge or anywhere standing water might build up due to splashing.

Contact Meeks for Your Pool or Spa Wiring or Electrical Maintenance

For the best in your swimming pool or spa’s electrical safety, the experts at Meeks Electrical Services offer swimming pool and spa wiring and inspections among its many services. For all your Tallahassee-area residential and business electrical needs, contact Meeks today at (850) 575-3201.